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Below we list some textual resources provided by the LRC. 

Original Texts


This work presents a reconstruction of the Rigveda to its likely pronunciation close to the time of composition.  The text presented derives from Rig Veda: a Metrically Restored Text, by Barend A. van Nooten and Gary B. Holland, published in 1994 by Harvard University Press, and incorporates the research and insights of Karen Thomson.

Reference Works


Books by Dr. Winfred P. Lehmann


These online books by Winfred P. Lehmann et al. are about Indo-European languages and historical linguistics, broadly interpreted. They are made available in online form in order to ensure their long-term, widespread accessibility; they may be accompanied by more recent, introductory essays (author/editor notes). In a few instances, minor errors or omissions in the original texts have been corrected; in rare instances, as much as a paragraph may have been rewritten in light of important new findings. On the other hand, digitization may have introduced new errors, for which the series editor offers apology; if attention is drawn to them, repairs will be effected whenever possible.

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