A Reader in Nineteenth Century Historical Indo-European Linguistics

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  Introduction by the Editor   1
1. Sir William Jones: The Third Anniversary Discourse, on the Hindus   7
2. Friedrich von Schlegel: On the Language and Wisdom of the Indians   21
3. Rasmus Rask: An Investigation concerning the Source of the Old Northern or Icelandic Language   29
4. Franz Bopp: On the Conjugational System of the Sanskrit Language   38
5. Jacob Grimm: Germanic Grammar   46
6. Wilhelm von Humboldt: On the Structural Variety of Human Language and Its Influence on the Intellectual Development of Mankind   61
7. Rudolf von Raumer: Linguistic-Historical Change and the Natural-Historical Definition of Sounds   67
8. August Schleicher: Introduction to A Compendium of the Comparative Grammar of the Indo-European, Sanskrit, Greek and Latin Languages   87
9. C. Lottner: Exceptions to the First Sound Shift   97
10. Hermann Grassmann: Concerning the Aspirates and Their Simultaneous Presence in the Initial and Final of Roots   109
11. Karl Verner: An Exception to the First Sound Shift   132
12. Heinrich Hubschmann: On the Position of Armenian in the Sphere of the Indo-European Languages   164
13. Karl Brugmann: Nasalis Sonans in the Original Indo-European Language   190
14. Hermann Osthoff and Karl Brugman: Preface to Morphological Investigations in the Sphere of the Indo-European Languages I   197
15. Eduard Sievers: On the Accent and Phonology of the Germanic Languages. III. On the Law of Vocalic Finals   210
16. Ferdinand de Saussure: Memoire on the Primitive System of Vowels in the Indo-European Language   217
17. William Dwight Whitney: Language and the Study of Language, Lecture X   225
18. Eduard Sievers: Foundations of Phonetics   257

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