Old Iranian Online

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Old Iranian
  2. Old Avestan: Yasna 29, the Cow's Lament
  3. Old Avestan: Yasna 29 (continued)
  4. Old Avestan: Yasna 53 -- a gatha (wedding song)
  5. Old Avestan: Yasna 30 -- a gatha about reward and punishment
  6. Young Avestan: Yast 10 -- excerpt from Hymn to Mithra
  7. Young Avestan: Yasna 10 -- excerpt from Hymn to Haoma
  8. Old Persian: excerpts from Darian Inscription DB IV
  9. Old Persian: excerpt from DB I
  10. Old Persian: excerpt from DNa
  11. Old Persian: excerpt from XPh
Grammar Points

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