Baltic Online

Table of Contents

  1. Series Introduction
  2. The unity of the flowing river, by Justinas Marcinkevičius
  3. Forest of the Gods, by Balys Sruoga
  4. In the Shadow of the Altars, by Vincas Mykolaitis-Putinas
  5. The Fate of the Simoniai from the Village of Aukstujai, by Ieva Simonaitytė
  6. Uncles and Aunts, by Vaižgantas (Juozas Tumas)
  7. The Seasons, by Kristijonas Donelaitis
  8. the Book of Sermons by Jonas Bretkūnas
  9. "In the Shadow of Death," by Rūdolfs Blaumanis
  10. "Straumeni: The Story of an Old Farm in Zemgale through the Changing Seasons," by Edvarts Virza
  11. Matthew 2:1-6, translated by Johann Ernst Glück
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