Hittite Online

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Hittite
  2. The Proclamation of Anittas (Old Hittite)
  3. The Telepenus "Vanishing God" Myth (Anatolian mythology)
  4. The Proclamation of Telepenus (Old Hittite)
  5. The Law Code (Old Hittite)
  6. The Annals of Mursilis (Classical Neo-Hittite)
  7. The Apology of Hattusilis III (Classical Neo-Hittite)
  8. The Treaty of Tudhaliya with Kuruntas of Tarhuntassa (Later Neo-Hittite)
  9. The Plague Prayer of Mursilis II (Neo-Hittite)
  10. The Ritual of Tunnawi (Middle Hittite)
  11. The KI.LAM Festival (state festival originating in the Old Kingdom)
Grammar Points

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