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Below we list 24 unique Attic reflex spellings (words and affixes) in an alphabetic order suitable for the language family. Every spelling is linked to one or more pages, each showing a Proto-Indo-European etymon from which the reflex is derived along with other reflexes (in Old Irish or other languages) derived from the same PIE etymon. A multi-morpheme reflex may, like English werewolf, be derived from multiple PIE etyma; or a single spelling may, like English bear or lie, represent multiple reflexes derived from different PIE etyma.

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Attic reflex index
Reflex Etyma
τέταρτος ketu̯er-
τέτταρες ketu̯er-
κιγχάνω 1. g̑hē-
φρατρία bhrā́ter-
χατίζων 1. g̑hē-
γλῶττα glōgh-
φαγεῖν bhāgó-s
χατίζω 1. g̑hē-
χέρρος k̑sē̆-ro-
αὗος saus-
γάλως g̑(e)lōu̯-
δῆλος 1. dei-
εγ̓̀ως au̯es-
κάρᾱ 1. k̑er-
λαγώς (s)lēg-
ὀσμή 1. od-
σκοπῶ spek̑-
φηγός bhāgó-s
χατέω 1. g̑hē-
χήτει 1. g̑hē-
χῆρος 1. g̑hē-
χῶρος 1. g̑hē-
χωρέω 1. g̑hē-
χῆρα 1. g̑hē-

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